How Cashier-less Sites Will Impact the C-Store Industry

Amazon and other cashier-less concepts are no longer a novelty. They are fast becoming destinations in markets such as San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago, and they are challenging conventional convenience stores in the race for time-pressed customers.

Beyond retail competition, the concept is also changing consumer behavior to expect a frictionless experience.

While some municipalities are passing laws to require stores to accept cash, convenience store owners must develop a strategy to compete with this emerging trend.

This topic will be among the burning issues covered during the National Advisory Group (NAG) Conference this September. NAG 2019 will take place at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Minneapolis from Sept. 8-11. The National Advisory Group (NAG) is an association of small, mid-sized and family-owned c-store chains and the executives that run them. This exclusive, member-driven group convenes annually to exchange ideas with the motivation to improve their business performance and ultimately their bottom line.

The setting of this conference encourages an extremely educational, yet highly social environment. The schedule consists of topnotch speakers, retail information exchanges, opportunities to address burning issues within your business, a chance to get to know your peers in similar size operations and much more

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