Merchandising and Marketing for Success

What are your customers looking for? From foodservice to the cold vault, customers see c-stores as a destination, but how closely do you track where they go once they enter your store?

The upcoming National Advisory Group (NAG) conference this September, will feature a session on merchandising and marketing success that shares how new technology, such as heat maps integrated with high-resolution cameras, allow retailers to see where customers are going, what they are looking at and how much time they spend in each area of the store. This data can help c-stores design integrated merchandising plans to drive sales.

NAG 2019 will take place at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Minneapolis from Sept. 8-11. The National Advisory Group (NAG) is an association of small, mid-sized and family-owned c-store chains and the executives that run them. This exclusive, member-driven group convenes annually to exchange ideas with the motivation to improve their business performance and ultimately their bottom line.

The setting of this conference encourages an extremely educational, yet highly social environment. The schedule consists of topnotch speakers, retail information exchanges, opportunities to address burning issues within your business, a chance to get to know your peers in similar size operations and much more

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