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Republic Tobacco L.P. is pleased to offer OCB® Virgin Cone Packs. Consumers who choose OCB products for their quality and craftsmanship are excited to see Virgin rolling papers in a new form, pre-rolled and equipped with a tip to offer an easier way to pack, fill and enjoy. As part of the OCB Virgin product line, the cones feature a natural brown hue and always sticks natural acacia gum. The cones are made of unbleached, chlorine and dye-free fibers that are responsibly harvested. Vegan and GMO-free, the paper is ultra-thin and lightly porous for a slow burn and truer taste, with minimal ash. OCB Cone Packs fill the desires of today’s discerning and eco-conscious consumers who demand quality and sustainability. They are available in 1-1/4 and Slim Sizes


Republic Tobacco L.P. expanded it’s OCB line with Bamboo Rolling Papers. OCB brand has been the best-selling rollingpaper brand in Europe for generations and is making a substantial impact in the U.S.A. OCB® BAMBOO is the only bamboo paper in the marketplace. The Bamboo line represents the company’s dedication to sustainability and to the eco-conscious efforts of today’s consumers.

Products Features:
Cigarette Filter Tube Dispenser
Ultra-Thin Rolling Papers
Virgin Unbleached Cone Packs
OCB Bamboo Rolling Papers

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