Critical Tobacco Update: Local Restrictions to FDA Regulations

With tobacco continuing to be a top in-store category for convenience retailers, this webinar will focus on local, state, and federal tobacco-related legislation and regulations. NATO Executive Director and Legal Counsel Thomas Briant will review and explain the current tobacco legislative landscape beginning with the city and county levels, to state legislatures, to Congress. In addition, pending FDA tobacco regulations will be discussed including the September 9, 2020 deadline for manufacturers to file Pre-Market Tobacco Applications to keep their tobacco products and electronic nicotine products on the market as well as the status of the FDA’s new graphic cigarette health warnings. NATO is the leading national retail trade association that dedicates its resources exclusively to assisting retailers respond to proposed tobacco restrictions at every level of government. Convenience retailers turn to NATO for information, education, and grassroots activism on every tobacco issue whether it be on the local, state or federal level.

Tom Briant, Executive Director, National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO)

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