2024 Retail Leaders' Exchange Group Assignments

Group 1 – Salon G
Group 2 – Salon H
Group 3 – Salon I (eye)
Group 4 – Salon J
Group 5 – MtgRm 8
Group 6 – MtgRm 9
Group 7 – MtgRm 10
Group 8 – MtgRm 11 

Salon’s G – J are located on the far side of general session ballroom. Access via the corridor to the left of JLL and BandyWorks sponsor tables. 

MtgRm 8 – 11 are located one level up from the conference ballroom. Accessible via the elevator near registration or stairs across the lobby bridge. 

Please look for event staff and directional signage for additional support in finding your meeting room. 

List by Group Number
1Baker, Conor – Warrenton Oil Company
1Barber, Dustin – Northdale Oil, Inc
1Caldwell, Michael – Yesway
1Disney, Melanie – Weigel’s Stores, Inc.
1Fleming, Andrew – Fleming Brothers Oil Co.
1Galli, Doug – Crosbys / Reid Petroleum
1Jenkins, Denise – United Dairy Farmers
1Powell, Anna – Powell’s Grocery
1Unrue, Brian – Clark’s Pump-N-Shop, Inc.
2Bowen, Kristin – Warrenton Oil Company
2Garoutte, Alex – The Kent Companies
2Hyde, Michael – Pit Stop Convenience Centers
2Kerekes, Daniel – S and G Stores
2Meeks, Diane – Farmers Union Oil Company
2Reck, Scott – Northdale Oil, Inc
2Smith, Lenny – Crosbys / Reid Petroleum
2Weigel, Kurt – Weigel’s
2Wilchar, Brittany – Lassus Bros. Oil, Inc.
3Angel, Jessica – Lassus Bros. Oil, Inc.
3Carpenter, Jeff – Cliff’s Local Market
3Edwards, Dwayne – Toot ‘n Totum
3Frese, Kalen – Warrenton Oil Company
3Hoffer, Beth – Weigel’s
3Hyde, Theo – Pit Stop Convenience Centers
3Reck, Alayna – Northdale Oil, Inc
3Shoemaker Fromm, Raina – Shoemaker’s TrvlCnts.
3Van Meter, Rich – S and G Stores
4Banmiller, Mary – Warrenton Oil Company
4Carmichael, Dan – Lassus Bros. Oil, Inc.
4Claus, Shelly – Northdale Oil, Inc
4Ehrlich, Greg – Beck Suppliers Inc.
4Halas, Jackie – Global Partners
4Jackson, Josh – Dandy Mini Marts, Inc.
4Lewis, Patrick – Oasis Stop ‘N Go
4Richardson, Cristi – Summit Creek LLC
4Yawberry, Douglas – Weigel’s
5Ahern, Brad – Yatco
5Binder, Zach – Northdale Oil, Inc
5LaBeau, Carly – Beck Suppliers Inc.
5Lovelace, Bre – Yesway
5McIntosh, Ray – McIntosh Energy Co., Inc.
5Meek, Darrell – JD Streett & Co Inc
5Mouton, Brent – Hit-n-Run
5Peterson, Karissa – Peterson Oil Company
5Thurston, Derek – Cliffs Local Market
6Asp, Grant – Northdale Oil, Inc
6Carroll, Jessica – McIntosh Energy Co., Inc.
6Grotewiel, Brian – Midwest Petroleum
6Martin, Lorissa – The Wills Group / Dash In
6Moreman, Neely – Yesway
6Renaud, Brian – Sheetz, Inc.
6Williams, Dyson – Dandy Mini Marts, Inc.
6Wine Shelman, Kristin – EE Wine, Inc
6Yatim, Hussein – Yatco
7Clark, Annabelle – Clark’s Pump-N-Shop, Inc.
7Corum, Todd – Warrenton Oil Company
7Feathers, Bradley – Sheetz, Inc.
7Jamal, Farris – Chestnut Market
7Maniar, Gaurang – The Wills Group / Dash In
7Reck, Marylee – Northdale Oil, Inc
7Reeder, Stephanie – Yesway
7Shelman, Dale – EE Wine, Inc.
7Young, Vernon – Young Oil, Inc / Grub Mart
8Aulakh, Harman – Onvo
8Blackburn, Joe – Kendrick Oil Co.
8Carnicom, Bob – Beck Suppliers Inc.
8Childs, Patrick – Northdale Oil, Inc
8Clark, Carlyle – Clark’s Pump-N-Shop, Inc.
8Clement, Kristy – Walters Dimmick Petroleum
8Harkenrider, Paul – Dandy Mini Marts, Inc.
8Powell, Colby – Powell’s Grocery