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How FDA Rulemaking Is Changing the Backbar – Webinar

In light of FDA rulemaking regarding menthol cigarettes and flavored tobacco in cigars, our expert/retailer panel weighs in on the next steps for the legislation and the path forward for the backbar, as well as how it hurts the industry when some retailers don’t comply with the law. Click here […]


Labor Management – Webinar

Staffing continues to pose a major challenge for retailers. Our retailer/expert panel weighs in on new strategies from four-day work weeks to allowing employees to access part of their paycheck ahead of time. This webinar includes key insights from this year’s HR Benchmarking Survey. Click here to register for 2024 […]


Embracing Tech – Webinar

Technology is changing the ways c-store retailers go to market, from mobile apps to automation. Retailers discuss how the industry is shifting and what they’re doing to keep up with the changes. Click here to register for 2024 CStore Decisions Webinars


Combatting Retail Theft in 2024 – Webinar

An uptick in theft and violence has many retailers rethinking their loss prevention strategies. Our expert/retailer panel weighs in on what it takes to reduce shrink in today’s environment. Technological advancements are offering new options for retailers from computer vision to wearable cameras to cigarette tracking. But training and oversight […]


Considering Electric Vehicle Charging – Webinar

The shift toward electric vehicle (EV) charging is slowly but steadily continuing in the U.S. Retailers and experts weigh in on the trends, how retailers should determine if EV is right for their chain and other key considerations in evaluating the future of fuel. Click here to register for 2024 […]