Antitrust Compliance Statement

The National Advisory Group is committed to conducting all its activities in full compliance with all applicable antitrust laws. The purpose of this event is to facilitate constructive dialogue, networking, and collaboration among participants. As such, discussions, interactions, and exchanges of information should be conducted with the utmost respect for competition and compliance with antitrust laws.

Participants are reminded that discussions involving sensitive topics such as pricing, market allocation, boycotting customers or suppliers, or any other activities that may restrict competition are strictly prohibited. It is important to avoid engaging in any conversations or actions that could be perceived as anticompetitive or in violation of antitrust laws.

Any questions regarding the applicability of antitrust laws to specific discussions or activities should be directed to legal counsel or event organizers. By participating in this event, you agree to adhere to these principles and to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with fair competition and legal compliance.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.