NAG’s Young Executives Organization: Providing Retail Leadership for Next-Generation Leaders

As the convenience store and petroleum industry continue to evolve, training the leaders of tomorrow is more important than ever before. To help young executives have a group that is solely focused on exchanging personal experiences with peers in their age group, the National Advisory Group (NAG) is proud to be growing its Young Executives Organization (YEO).

YEO’s mission is to cultivate young talent in the convenience store and petroleum industry through implementation of education and networking. YEO accomplishes this mission by leveraging the experience of NAG members to help foster superior leadership skills.

YEO members are industry leaders who are approximately 40 years of age or younger. Members are entrepreneurs, leading top businesses and actively pursuing a higher level of professionalism in the convenience store and petroleum marketing industry.

Membership in YEO provides young convenience store and petroleum industry executives with an opportunity to network with other NAG members and influential industry leaders. It also gives young executives a platform to express their ideas, leadership abilities and vision for the future of convenience retailing.

Furthermore, membership in YEO is open to all NAG-member company employees at no cost. If you are not a NAG Member, join NAG now by visiting NAG Membership!

For additional information, contact John Lofstock at [email protected] or Board Chairman Bart Stransky at [email protected].