Just recently the National Advisory Group (NAG) wrapped up our annual conference in San Antonio, Texas.  It was our most successful event to date in terms of retailer participation and feedback and supplier support.  This conference is an opportunity to gather and explore the issues that are driving our industry and our operations. It also is a chance to cultivate relationships with other retailers to learn about what drives their operations and to return home with ideas that you can implement.

We all have limited time. The NAG conference is seen by many retailers as one of the time commitments that they can ROI immediately. This gathering generates fantastic ideas that help you grow your top line and protect your bottom line.

NAG is about building profits and relationships. We are confident that this year’s conference will accomplish both for you. Join us in Santa Fe, N.M., September 13-16, 2015 to help your small to mid-size and family owned convenience chain grow profits and to rekindle past relationships and develop new ones.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

Tony Harris
NAG Board Chairman/President, Thorntons Inc.